How to tackle a Grocery Shop

Grocery shopping can be a tricky one sometimes, and it can end in a few items in your shopping trolley that you don’t intend to purchase!

My main tips would be:

  • Never grocery shop on an empty stomach.

  • Make a list of what you need to purchase – that way you won’t forget items.

  • Start around the edges of the grocery store – this is where you’ll find your wholegrains (bread, wraps etc), lean proteins, dairy products and the fruit and vegetables section.

  • Try to only enter the aisles when you know there’s a product in them you need e.g. baked beans, rice, tea/coffee, eggs etc – as you shop more at a certain location you’ll get to know their layout better.

  • Buy items unpackaged so you can choose exactly how much you want and that prevents wastage (e.g. chicken breast from the deli, spinach leaves, carrots etc).